Shift, Change, Evolve



Shift, Change, Evolve...

Release yourself from a limiting belief, habit, addiction, behavioural pattern or strong emotion with Essentialist Hypnotherapy. 

 Essentialist Hypnotherapy offers Hypnoenergetics, a powerful blend of traditional Hypnotherapy techniques, deep energy work and consciousness to promote complete change within your inner self, empowering you to fully release from limitations and live a life of authenticity

Whilst appealing to the higher wisdom within you, Hypnoenergetics promotes self-healing through deep-seated shifts in perspective and energy, allowing you to focus only on what is beneficially essential to your wellbeing and your true intentions. 

Traditional or 'Suggestion' Hypnotherapy sessions, Hypno-Meditation sessions and Reiki treatments are available for both adults and children, as well as a range of wellness packages, with each session carefully tailored to suit your individual needs. All sessions are available from both the Melbourne and Sydney locations.