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When Reiki meets Hypnotherapy...and a broken leg 04 July 2017 - Mrc interview me about Reiki in my life



04 July 2017

 Melbourne Reiki Centre's Deb Dalziel's Q & A with Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner Kirsty Osborne


What brought you to the system of Reiki?

I commenced my study of the Reiki in 2016, with the intention of learning some techniques to complement my studies of Hypnonergetics – an energy based form of Hypnotherapy. I could immediately appreciate all that Reiki has to offer me professionally and personally and welcomingly embraced its daily practice after completing Reiki I – Shoden

I very potently experienced the healing power of Reiki in a very real and dramatic way after seriously injuring my leg skiing in Japan in early 2017.  I fractured my left fibula, ruptured my ACL and a number of ligaments in my ankle as well as tearing a tendon in my ankle. The orthopaedic surgeon I went to see in Melbourne after my accident advised that I would very likely require surgery for both my ankle and my knee. He said I would have to wait a few weeks for swelling to reduce before her could operate.

Straight after my accident and, for weeks afterwards, as well as my usual daily Reiki meditation, I practised ‘Hands on Healing’ every day, setting the intention to completely heal my damaged leg. I believe as a result of my self-healing practice, I had minimal bruising, swelling and also required very little medicated pain relief. I was able to comfortably bear weight without pain on my fractured fibula very soon after my injury. My Melbourne GP was very surprised to hear this and told me that this was ‘highly unusual, given the extent of my injuries’.

I returned to the surgeon and on examining both my injured knee and ankle, he declared, ‘you’re a healer… You’ve healed yourself!’ It was after this experience that I decided I wanted to pursue my study of Reiki and promptly enrolled in Reiki 2 – Okuden level. Instead of Reiki supporting my practice of Hypnotherapy, I am now offering Reiki treatments professionally and needless to say, Reiki has become enormously important to my daily life – enhancing, enriching and expanding my life personally & professionally.

Did you have to end your holiday in Japan and go home and see all these doctors?

This photo of me was taken in Tokyo about a week after the accident... (yes Kirsty stayed in Japan didn't cancel her holiday) needless to say without Reiki I probably would have flown home rather than heading on to Tokyo and hobbling around for a week doing the sights and spending 12 hours at Tokyo Disneyland riding all the scariest rollercoasters. The practice of Reiki helped me remain calm and present in the immediate aftermath of my accident and over the ensuing weeks of healing as well as assisting me to self-heal by igniting my own bodies natural healing mechanisms. Reiki helped turn a negative, limiting situation to a positive, empowering one.

Reiki in your life is like what?

Reiki has become an essential part of my life. The practice of Reiki helps to provide balance, clarity of mind, calmness, rejuvenation, emotional cleansing and healing to me on a personal and professional level. Reiki supports my practice of Hypnotherapy by aiding and supporting me to hold space energetically for clients and in cleansing, clearing and balancing energy.  I have also actively incorporated elements of ‘Hands on Healing’ into my practice of Hypnotherapy. Reiki has quite simply changed my life and I feel deeply honoured, thrilled and privileged to be able to aid and inspire others to self-heal through Reiki. I also now offer dedicated Reiki treatments from my clinic and by distance healing.

What is 'Reiki practice' in your daily life?

On waking or after breakfast, I always practice Kenyoku Ho – dry bathing – to purify body, heart and spirit and I perform  Joshin Kokyu Ho, Seishin Toitsu or 3 diamonds. I also chant regularly. I often practice a combination of methods, depending on mood, energy levels and intuitive guidance. Reiki is a priority in my life so I always make time to practice. In bed, each night I practice ‘Hands on healing’,  It is the most beautiful way to go off to sleep. If I wake during the night, I will do a ‘Hands on healing’ again. I also use this technique if I am feeling unwell or stressed. 

As well as offering Reiki treatments professionally, I also offer treatments to friends and family, in a ‘hands on’ capacity and also by distance.

One of my most pleasurable and enriching meditations I have experienced lately is meditating in Nature. Recently I have been lucky enough to spend time in gorgeous rainforests in NSW as well as on the white sandy beaches of the Sunshine Coast.  I enjoyed mediation sessions with self- hands on healing in these incredible places and I cannot recommend this practice more highly – such a euphoric, transformative and spiritually transcendent experience!  Japanese Forest Bathing or shinrin-yoko, - practicing quiet contemplation with trees, has actually been scientifically proven to help balance mind and body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Reiki mediation in Nature has a particularly powerful impact!

How is the system of Reiki relevant in today's world?

Today’s world offers many stressors, on many levels both globally and locally. Anxiety, depression and illness caused by imbalance are experienced at significantly high rates worldwide as a result.  The practice of Reiki is highly valuable in assisting to balance energy levels on a personal, local environment and global level. Reiki is a natural healing resource that is accessible to all who are free and able to choose to receive and practice it.

Is there anything else about Reiki Practice, your experience?

The Reiki practice events Deb offers provide a highly valuable platform to share and practice Reiki techniques with other practitioners and students in a supportive, professional yet, relaxed atmosphere. Reiki share is such an enriching experience that I would highly recommend to anyone of any level who is looking to practice and receive the gift of Reiki. I attend as many as I can when I am in Melbourne.

POST SCRIPT - November 2017

Since the publication of this blog, my Reiki journey has substantially progressed.

In August, I completed Reiki iii - Shinpiden or masters level at the Melbourne Reiki Centre. This was a particularly enriching, expansive and enlightening experience for me that has profoundly deepened and extended my practice both personally and professionally. As well as Reiki being an integral part of my personal daily life, it has also become an important and highly valued modality within my professional practice. It is common for me to incorporate Reiki into my Hypnotherapy sessions and for clients to experience dedicated Reiki treatments post Hypnotherapy. Reiki is a wonderful complement to energy based Hypnotherapy - as it supports the release, balance and integration of energy - assisting the client to extend and expand their healing and recalibrate physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

In early August, I also enjoyed a brief trip to Mount Buller in the Victorian Alps to test my Reiki healed leg. Even though I felt very confident in the recovery and strength of my leg - thanks to Reiki, Yoga and some nifty Physiotherapy exercises, I  must confess, I was quite anxious and nervous during my first run down. It's difficult to replicate the movements required by a skier on dry land - the combination of shifting weight, the pressure on knees, calves and thighs combined with the unknown factor of snow quality and other humans. I am delighted to report however, that not only did I successfully make it down that first run, I skied without incidence or pain for the 2 full days i was there. Surprisingly not only did I not feel any pain, I also did not experience any instability or any of the usual pain and strain I usually  experience in my knees after a few hours on the slopes.  I was simply amazed and in awe at how successfully and profoundly I was able to heal and strengthen my injured leg. Needless to say, my good leg has received the benefits of my healing as well. I'm so delighted and overwhelmingly impressed that I was able to successfully avoid medical intervention and experienced first hand our innate ability to self heal!

Kirsty Osborne is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnoenergetics Practitioner & Reiki Practitioner offering treatments in all these modalities in Melbourne & Sydney.



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