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One Mind Live - I'm guest meditator for March 2018

This month, I am very excited to be appearing as Guest Meditator on One Mind Live - the weekly worldwide guided online meditation group. 

I have collaborated with the very talented Naomi Janszen and Steve Fearnely, the co-founders of One Mind Live to create 5 blissful and powerful sessions of self-healing Hypno-Meditation - offering a blend of light hypnosis and guided meditation.

You can join me in March for an incredibly reduced price of around $4 (75%discount) which allows you unlimited access to my meditations and the extensive archive of One Mind Live, featuring resources and meditations from Wellness practitioners from around the world. 

To access this offer or find out more about One Mind Live, please click on the link on the Welcome - Essentialist Hypnotherapy page on this site.  It's very easy to subscribe and only one click to unsubscribe at the end of the month if you so choose.

The four sessions I have devised with One Mind Live carry the overall theme of self-healing.

The meditations are:

1) Introduction to Hypno-Meditation – creating and enhancing a connection to True self so as to facilitate self-healing, relaxation & consciousness.

2) Healing the inner child – facilitating the release of limitations unintentionally carried since childhood.

3) Birth Meditation – ‘Birth and beyond’  – allowing you to connect to your infant self, the significant people and environment of your birth as well as your soul essence. This meditation allows you to connect to the development of Self and personality and create awareness and acceptance that everything is as it should be – that we are all here to learn, grown and evolve through our experiences and that we come into this world with the personality and temperament to fulfil our life’s purpose.

4) Spiritual self-healing – releasing low vibrational energy & receiving wisdom and healing from your all-knowing, wiser self.

Additional 10 minute meditation -  Energy Field Filter visualisation – whereby you are guided to your own personal, sacred, safe place where you connect to the beauty and energy of the natural world and receive energetic protection from Mother Earth. This visualisation helps establish energetic boundaries and is particularly beneficial for people who ‘take on the energy’ of others or are sensitive to the words and actions of other

I so look forward to joining you in March for 4 sessions of profound self- healing; supported, and expanded by Naomi’s Tapping and Steve’s spiritual Musical offerings.



Kirsty Osborne Osborne