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Hypno-Meditation is a gentle yet powerful combination of hypnosis and guided meditation that provides a long-lasting, deeply relaxing, restorative and revitalising affect. Regular meditation practice increases your sense of wellbeing, happiness and inner peace.

Hypno-Meditation for healing - Kirsty offers a number of targeted healing meditations including:

  • Introduction to Hypno - Meditation and meditation for creating and enhancing connection to True Self as a means to facilitate self-healing and relaxation. This session allows you to profoundly connect to your true essence and teaches you how to self-facilitate future connection through breathing and visualisation for general relaxation or to release and relieve stress, anxiety as well as unwanted feelings, thoughts and compulsions.

  • Healing the Inner Child - allows you to heal aspects of your inner child in a profound and wholehearted way. This meditation facilitates the release of limitations unintentionally carried from childhood, allowing you to live more authentically.

  • Spiritual self-healing - facilitating a connection to your soul essence and releasing unwanted low-vibrational, limiting energy. This is a beautifully profound session whereby messages and knowledge from your all-knowing wiser self are received.

  • Healing relationships - this meditation facilitates the healing of past or present relationships. This session provides insight into the nature and purpose of a specific relationship as well as a supportive and protective space for healing to ensue and for strong emotions and thoughts to be healed and released.

       Benefits of Hypno - Meditation:

  • Increased relaxation

  • Reduced stress & anxiety

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Improved interpersonal relationships

  • Increased creativity

  • Increased communication & compassion

  • Decreased physical pain & discomfort

  • Improved memory and clarity of thought

  • Increased rejuvenation & revitalisation


Kirsty create and records personalised self - healing Hypno - Meditations specifically tailored to suit your needs. For more information and to order, please contact her direct. Cost is $65.00 for 20 minute meditation and $85.00 for 60 minute meditation. 


iF you'd like to receive your own complimentary recorded guided Hypno - Meditation created by Kirsty, please email via the contact and bookings page.

Choose between Hypno - Meditation for Stress relief & Relaxation OR Energy Field Meditation - perfect for those who are sensitive to the energy of others. This meditation helps establish energetic boundaries to protect nourish and support you.

I am very pleased to announce that I have co - created FOUR blissful, self-healing Hypno-meditation experiences with the ultra talented crew at One Mind Live - the worldwide online guided meditation group. My package of 4 meditations are now available for sale via the OML website. The meditations include, Introduction to Hypno-Meditation, Healing the Inner Child, Birth and personality development and spiritual self-healing.

To purchase please click on the link below and scroll down until you see my name