Shift, Change, Evolve



Peter Smith, creator of the Quantum Consciousness Experience and founder of the Institute of Quantum Consciousness explains the QCE concept and experience in this short video. (courtesy of Peter Smith


We are a universe of possibilities waiting to be explored. We are also consciousness itself, capable of altered states of being that bring divine wisdom and insight. The Quantum Consciousness Experience blends simple, gentle, yet powerful concepts of Quantum Physics and Expanded States of Awareness.

This facilitated experience allows you to explore the realms of your own personal universe, activating deep physical, mental and emotional healing. This experience provides a deeply profound understanding of who you are and your place in the Universe; understanding your life lessons and purpose and understanding and healing relationships with others and Self. We are a portal to expanded states of awareness that offer deep wisdom.  

QCE draws on the quantum principles of The Observer Effect, Entanglement, Non-locality and the Holographic nature of our existence. During a facilitated Quantum Consciousness experience, you will visit Alternate Realities, Parallel Lives and other dimensions, all with the intention of receiving and offering wisdom and healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level.


Alternate Reality EXPERIENCE- The Sliding Door

This session can be accessed as a ‘stand-alone’ session or woven into a Hypnotherapy session. 

The Alternate Reality experience offers a unique opportunity for healing and insight. If you are plagued with feelings of great doubt, regret or guilt stemming from a decision that was made in the past or is about to be made in the future, accessing that part through the Alternate Reality Experience may provide the answer to the question “What if I had gone (or will go) the other way?”

This experience allows you to cross the veil, moving through that sliding door with the intention of meeting our 'other self' and learning from that path that our soul took in unison with this one.

You may want to experience this session if:

  • You wish to understand what may have happened if you had made a different life changing decision in regard to a relationship in the past, exploring how would things turn out?
  • You are at a cross roads in your career. Which direction is the best choice?
  • You want to gain an understanding of the ripple effect from a decision, if you make that decision, ‘How will it affect my future and the people closest to me?"

 It has been found that exploring decisions that relate to the past can bring significant life changing release, healing and insight.