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Standard initial session of 90 - 120 minutes duration. .This session offeris a blend of traditional and energy based Hypnotherapy whereby the body and conscious mind will be guided into a relaxed state, allowing the practitioner to facilitate insight, energy release and self-healing, aligned to your intentions for the session. This empowering session offers a gentle approach in assisting you to release limiting self-beliefs and behavioural patterns as well as depression, anxiety, trauma, fears and phobias, strong emotions, relationship issues and self - esteem and confidence issues.

If you are seeking to release an addiction, compulsion or eating disorder (including emotional/binge eating), please select the Extended Hypnotherapy session as your initial treatment.

Price Includes ongoing support via email or phone and access to additional therapeutic resources & techniques.

Suitable for adults and teens from 14 years.



Comprehensive, initial Hypnotherapy session, up to 2.5 hours duration. Combining hypnosis, deep energy work and consciousness. Please choose this session if you are wanting to shift an addiction, compulsion or eating disorder (including emotional/binge eating)). You may book this session as an initial session or as a follow up to a Standard session.

Incorporating Hypnoenergetics techniques, including Age Regression and Energetic Parts Therapy, this session aims to access the core and source of your limitation, reframe limiting beliefs and clear the energy that you are holding in your body as a result. This session aims to instil profound and positive change to your emotional and energetic landscape as well as your behaviour.

Price includes ongoing support vial email or phone and access to additional therapeutic resources.


follow up

90 minute follow up session succeeding your standard or extended Hypnotherapy session to further explore your healing process and allow for a profound imbedding of the positive changes made in the initial session. These sessions also provide the opportunity to address and heal other issues of concern. Some issues such as major addictions and eating disorders may require several therapy sessions to achieve absolute release.  If you require any subsequent treatments, please select this session.

Price includes ongoing support via email or phone and access to additional therapeutic resources.




We are a universe of possibilities waiting to be explored. We are also consciousness itself, capable of altered states of being that bring divine wisdom and insight. The Quantum Consciousness Experience blends simple, gentle, yet powerful concepts of Quantum Physics and Expanded State of Awareness. This facilitated experience allows you to explore the realms of your own personal universe, activating deep physical, mental and emotional healing. This experience provides a deeply profound understanding of who you are and your place in the Universe; understanding your life lessons and purpose and understanding and healing relationships with others and Self.  

2.5 HOUR SESSION - $250*  - price includes ongoing support via email or phone and access to additional therapeutic resources



The Alternate Reality experience offers a unique opportunity for healing and insight. If you are plagued with feelings of great doubt, regret or guilt stemming from a decision that was made in the past or is about to be made in the future, accessing that part through the Alternate Reality Experience may provide the answer to the question “What if I had gone (or will go) the other way?”

1.5 to 2 HOUR SESSION - $150* - price includes ongoing support via email or phone and access to additional therapeutic resources



A Japanese method of deep relaxation and stress relief that promotes holistic healing.

Reiki is a profound stand alone treatment and ideal complement to energy based Hypnotherapy that is highly effective in promoting furthe release, healing and calibration. 




EFT - Tapping:

EFT Tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a non-invasive, meridian based relaxation techniques.



Private mediation classes - Available for established clients - $30*for 30 minutes.

to book contact Kirsty direct via email: or ph; 0408 055 593

Kirsty also produces custom Hypnosis audio recordings. Please contact directly for prices and details.


* Free 15 minute consultation available to all first time clients - in person or by phone. This session is an information session only; providing the opportunity for you to meet Kirsty in person and find out more about how Hypnotherapy, Reiki or EFT can help you.

* Skype & phone sessions available

* All major credit cards accepted

Private health insurance rebates are available from the following health insurers:

Medibank Private

Grand United Health

Australian Unity Health Limited


RT Health Fund

Westfund Limited (smoking cessation only)

Healthcare Insurance Limited


*Nourish Melbourne members receive 20% discount off all initial treatments and 10% thereafter, including custom recorded Hypno - Meditations. 

* 15% discount available to all student and pension card holders

* Gift vouchers are available for all sessions & packages