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Client Testimonials


Ben - Melbourne

"I've had multiple sessions with Kirsty. She completely changed my relationship with food and helped me overcome the mental barriers that were stopping me from binging. The weight started to fall off almost instantly as my urge to stop at drive thru's magically disappeared. 

A large group of my clients now see Kirsty too and have all had dramatic results. 

Happy man right here!"

 Fiona - Sydney

"Since I was hypnotised by Kirsty, I have been feeling fantastic! I don't wake up with this particular cloud hanging over my head, which has given me peace and more enjoyment in everyday life. Thank you Kirsty!"

Jo - Sydney

"After having experienced reiki treatments from other practitioners I realise Kirsty has a special gift with energy work, perceiving it and clearing it. During a reiki session with Kirsty, both in person and distance sessions, I feel the most calm I have ever been - a true state of relaxed bliss. After her sessions I feel calm, clear-headed and energised - a complete reversal of how I felt initially when I walked in. For days my body continues the clearing process she sparks. As a result I am experiencing new levels of clarity and energy I haven't know for years. Thank you!

Kirsty's Hypnotherapy session was also an amazing experience I highly recommend. Through this I experienced deep relaxation, rejuvenation and regained a positive attitude about the world. Wonderful!"

Warren - Sydney

"I was skeptical concerning the benefit of Reiki. When Kirsty offered to help with the ongoing pain of a strained shoulder I agreed to undergo a session. I was determined to be open minded and relaxed when she commenced her treatment. I closed my eyes and found that I did in fact start to relax. I can't remember ever having been so relaxed before. Then, although my eyes were closed I began to see light and colour, a moving liquid movement of blue on yellow that hovered for several seconds before fading away. On rising I felt relaxed and over the next few days, although I could feel where the shoulder strain was it was nowhere like before the session. I must now admit the benefits of Reiki."

Nicky - Sydney

"I came to see Kirsty because I had a very painful knee that was preventing me from doing my usual exercise. Since our Reiki session I have been able to run three times a week without any issues!"

Tyler - Sydney

"I just wanted to let you know that my exams have gone very well so far. I have felt calm, present and focused each day, which is definitely an effect of your work with me! You've truly helped me out with gaining a clearer more positive understanding of how to immerse myself in only what I can control. Thanks so much for your help! It is greatly appreciated. tyler"

Blana - Melbourne

"Kirsty thank you so much for helping me to relax and have the most amazing sleep of my life ! the Reiki session was an experience ill never forget, and cannot wait to see you again for more! thank you xxx"

Daniel - Melbourne

"Where do I begin... I'll be honest I was a skeptic at first when it came to Reiki ... Originally trying it to "tick the box" so I can say I've tried everything... Well, little did I expect it was such an incredible experience. One of the most relaxing, yet surreal experience I've ever had. Thank you Kirsty"

Tim - Bellingen

"Wasn't all that sure about remote Reiki but immediately after the first session I noticed a distinctive shift in the area of concern that lasts to this day! I can't speak highly enough of the treatment, it has helped me way beyond anything I'd imagined!"

Tracy - Melbourne

"I had never had a Reiki session before and was a little sceptical as how Kirsty would relieve the tension in my lower back. 
Kirsty explained what she was going to do during the session and asked me if I had any queries. (She made me feel at ease even before the session began).
During the session and afterwards I was amazed at how relaxed my body felt. Kirsty made me feel very comfortable throughout the session and relieved the pain in my lower back.
I would highly recommend her for future sessions."

Angela - Sydney

"Kirsty was great. She's very professional, yet warm and understanding. My reiki treatment completely relaxed me both mentally and physically.  I thoroughly recommend it."

Chris - Noosa

"Hi Kirsty, quick note to thank you for the wonderful work you did helping me repair my dodgy shoulder. After an ultrasound, my GP suggested a cortisone injection which made me think there must be a friendlier way, thankfully you showed me an alternative method using Reiki which has worked perfectly! Thank you Dr. Reiki!"