Shift, Change, Evolve



Shift, Change, Evolve...

Release yourself from limitations with Essentialist Hypnotherapy.

Specialising in helping to release limiting behavioural patterns and beliefs, strong emotions, anxiety, depression and emotional eating as well as clearing trauma, assisting with relationship issues (past & present) and self - esteem and confidence issues.

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner, Kirsty Osborne offers a blend of traditional Hypnotherapy methods, deep energy work and consciousness, that promotes profound and permanent change.

Whilst appealing to your own inner resources and wisdom, Essentialist Hypnotherapy facilitates self-healing through deep-seated shifts in perspective and energy that in turn releases limitations and liberates and empowers you to live a life of greater authenticity.

 Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Quantum Consciousness sessions and more are available as well as a range of wellness packages.

All sessions are available from both the Melbourne and Sydney locations and via Skype.

Sessions for kids:: Hypnotherapy & Reiki sessions are available for children from 7 years up.

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday & Saturday : 9am  - 6 pm at Private Practice, Wilton Vale Crescent, Malvern East

Friday 9am - 7pm - at The Revitalise Centre, 7 - 9 Bardolph St Glen Iris.