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A few weeks ago, journalist Kristina Iannou from Australian Natural Health Magazine, visited me at my Malvern East clinic for a Hypnoenergetics session and interviewed me for an article soon to be published about energy healing. Kristina asked what we can all do on a personal level to help recalibrate energetic frequency and raise our vibrational levels. I thought I'd share some suggestions with you as well!

1. Become more aware of your thoughts. Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality and the more you feed your thoughts, that is, the more energy we give them, the more entrenched this reality becomes. So, we literally create our own reality.

2. Be conscious of the quality of the foods you consume. Whatever we put into our bodies carries its own vibration. Processed food, junk food and food stuffs contaminated through pesticides, chemicals or plastic packaging vibrate at a low level or not at all. Even food that is prepared by someone exhibiting or experiencing low vibrational energy will have an impact on the vibrational quality of those meals and low vibrational energy is then passed onto the consumer. Being aware of your own mood when preparing meals for yourself and others is important. Consuming high vibrational quality foods like fresh, organic, natural produce will help to raise your vibration.

3. Drink water – staying well hydrated every day assists the body to cleanse and remove toxins which may affect vibrational quality.

4. Meditation – helps to cleanse mind, body and spirit. Just a few minutes a day can have a significant impact on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state of being.

5. Spending time in Nature in quiet contemplation can help raise your overall vibration. Japanese ‘Forest bathing’ – Shinrin-yoku or Nature Appreciation has been scientifically proven to improve your overall health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – thus raising your overall state of wellbeing – i.e. your vibrational levels. 

6. Practice kindness – Giving without the expectation of receiving in return, naturally shifts your perception away from ‘I don’t have enough in life’ to ‘I have more than enough to give or share with others’. The same goes with just approaching everyone we come into contact in our daily lives with kindness and compassion. When we treat others with less than kindness, we lower our overall level of vibration.

7.  Practice gratitude -  Creating a gratitude list or journal can shift your vibration away from focusing on what you don’t have to what you do have in abundance. Try writing 4 or 5 things you are grateful for each day and you will notice a positive shift in vibration.

8.  Get active!  All vibration is dependent on movement, so the more you move, the better you vibrate and the happier you feel. Happy experiences in life raise your vibrational frequency and help attract further happy experiences!  

Kristina also asked me how Reiki and hypnotherapy alter one's energetic + vibrational frequency? Energy based therapies such as Hypnoenergetics and Reiki can actually profoundly and powerfully heighten vibrational frequency.

Hypnoenergetics operates on the understanding that we are all energetic beings, connected by and through energy and that everything we have ever experienced in life is held energetically in our bodies. This type of Hypnotherapy, works to access the energetic core or source of a limiting belief, habit, pattern emotion or behaviour.

 Techniques including Timeline Regression are applied in order to access the source of low vibrational energy. On tracking a limitation, techniques are used to facilitate empowering self- healing by the client. The client’s own inner resources are accessed and activated in order to shift their perspective of the ‘trauma’ they may have experienced and in turn the associated feeling and energy transforms allowing high vibrational self- serving energy to prevail and ultimately raise the overall energetic vibration of the client. Hypnoenergetics is a profoundly powerful therapy that truly alters vibrational frequency and transforms lives.

Reiki -   ReI – spiritual or sacred energy-  Ki – Universal Energy that nourishes and sustains all life forms.

Reiki is an energy treatment, developed in the early 1900’s in Japan that serves to energetically balance or recalibrate physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and thus raise overall vibrational frequency. Reiki is based on 3 principles;

1.   There is a Universal Life Force energy that flows through all living things and there is no beginning or end to this energy.

2.   Universal Energy can be accessed in a powerful and intentional way for the purpose of healing.

3.   The body is programmed to self-heal.


Kirsty Osborne Osborne